• President Trump Has the Power to End HIV Now, If He’s Willing to Use It

    In response to President Trump’s stated commitment to end HIV, PrEP4All Collaboration members Robert Kessler and Nick Faust issued the following statement: In Tuesday’s State of the Union, President Trump said he is committed to eliminating new HIV infections within the next ten years. For once, we agree with him. We can end HIV. But […]

  • The CDC must #BreakThePatent and develop a national action plan for universal access to PrEP!

    Truvada as PrEP is a scientific revolution — it’s over 99% effective in preventing HIV infection. If you live in NYC or SF or Chicago, you probably already know a lot of people on PrEP and have seen how it has changed attitudes around HIV in high risk communities. But despite this incredible breakthrough being […]



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