• The CDC must #BreakThePatent and develop a national action plan for universal access to PrEP!

    Truvada as PrEP is a scientific revolution — it’s over 99% effective in preventing HIV infection. If you live in NYC or SF or Chicago, you probably already know a lot of people on PrEP and have seen how it has changed attitudes around HIV in high risk communities. But despite this incredible breakthrough being […]

  • Read our National Action Plan for Universal Access to PrEP!

    The #BreakThePatent campaign, after months of research and deliberation, had released it’s plan for universal access to PrEP in the United States. We know that we need to do more than #BreakThePatent to ensure a large-scale rollout of PrEP and end the HIV epidemic. Our action plan envisions free PrEP and clinical care to every […]



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